Homoerotic Tantra for Men: New Enhancements

Homoerotic Tantra for Men: A New Year & New Enhancements

With the start of a new year and taking full advantage of the indoor-time to be creative, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make the Homoerotic Tantra:Mascul-IN-Touch and Mascul-IN-Timacy 16-week programs more accessible and more convenient for all seekers, aspirants, and followers.

In addition to the very successful WordPress blogs and the opportunity to spread the good word on Health Web Magazine as an author/expert on men’s health and sexuality and mind-body topics, I have purchased an Internet domain, Tantra4Men.Best, and a contract for Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) specifically for Homoerotic Tantra:Mascul-IN-Touch and Mascul-IN-Timacy program activities.

The new domain name comes with all the bells and whistles that the big guys use, including: our own web presence, email accounts, chat, meetings, a calendar we can all share, and classroom.

I am particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by the Classroom app and how it will change, enhance, and improve your learning experiences when signed up for any of the 4 levels of the 16-week program cycles. Here’s a synopsis of what we will be able to do with Classroom:

User Examples of what we can do with Classroom
    • Create and manage classes, assignments, and evaluations online without paper.
    • Add materials to your assignments, such as sādhana practice and exercise modules, supplementary material, video clips, Google Forms survey, and other items from Google Drive.
    • Give direct, real-time feedback.
    • Use the class stream to post announcements and engage  participants in question-driven discussions.
    • Start a video meetings and conferences with participants.
    • Invite participants to sign up for email summaries with your upcoming or missing work.
    • Track classwork and submit assignments.
    • Check originality, feedback, and evaluations/comments by Dāka.
    • Share resources and interact in the class stream or by email.

You can use Classroom in our program teaching activities to streamline assignments, boost collaboration, and foster communication. Classroom is available to you on the web or by mobile app. We can use Classroom with the many tools that you already use, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

As we start the new program cycle I will gradually include many of the Google Workspace features in your learning activities. I have already set up the online classrooms for the two introductory/preparation weeks and for the first four weeks of the cycle. Starting with the fifth week, we will start using chat rooms and perhaps online meetings for the weekly meet-ups and chats.[1]

I will also be adding ‘cheatsheets’ for the main features and I’ll publish Quick Start instructions on how to log on to chats, meetings, and classrooms. On an as-needed basis, I will also organize brief training sessions for each of the features we’ll be using, as well as providing links to tutorial videos on YouTube or the Google support sites.

The some 50 program modules and literally dozens of supplementary modules are finalized and ready to go out in PDF form to registered participants at all 4 levels (Vanya (वन्य) (Student Discovery Pass) , Prastāvanā (प्रस्तावना) (Discovery Pass Level 1), Śiṣya (शिष्य)/Aspirant (Śiṣya Aspirant Level II), Bhakta (भक्त)/Devotee (Bhakta Devotee Level III).[2] With the new enhancements, those program materials will be made available in the various virtual classrooms rather than being emailed to registered participants, as was done in the past.

Since these new program enhancements are available to registered participants only, I would encourage all beginners to join the private site at Homoerotic Tantra for Men to ensure that you don’t miss any program announcements or instructions on how to register, and how to join the classrooms and chats.

Of course, confidentiality and security are always an issue, and I’d like to assure you that I subscribe to all of the Google Workspace security features. In addition, and as former participants are aware, at registration each participant receives a cryptonym or secret Sanskrit name, which he uses in all public participation in the programs. Only Dāka will know your real name and contact details associated with your cryptonym. No participant information is ever shared; this policy of confidentiality extends not only to a participant’s name and contact details but also includes confidentiality protections offered by the Clergy Privilege afforded by law.

You can see a general outline of the subjects to be covered in the 16-week cycle and down load the list at Learning Modules. Click Learning Topics.

Finally, these innovations and enhancements will free up much of my time and resources that were spent in time-consuming activities, and allow me to spend more time providing you with more direct and personal guidance and developing new program components for you.

I hope that these new developments have inspired in you as much enthusiasm as they have in me, and that you will take full advantage of all of the time, effort, and resources that have gone into providing you, my Beloveds, with these updated features that will make your homoerotic yogic Tantra experiences even more enriching.

I also encourage you to support these efforts by becoming a registered participant at the appropriate level, or by making a gift or donation of any amount in support of this work. Please go to the Patreon site at and choose your level of participation. Click Support to go to the site.

Finally, as an author/expert contributor for men’s health and sexuality and mind-body on Health Web Magazine. I encourage you to visit HWM and to subscribe for free updates. While some of the material on HWM may not represent my particular teachings or views, you may find some interesting viewpoints and useful health and well-being information there, as well as some of my topical articles.

Dāka Karuṇā T.
दाक करुणा तान्त्रिक

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥
Oṃ  śānti, śānti, śāntiḥ ||
Peace to you in body, mind, and spirit!


[1] There is really no real sense in starting online chats or meetings before you have some learning and knowledge under your belt. If during the first several weeks of the program you have any burning questions or serious concerns, you can always reach me directly by email or by phone.

[2] The descriptions provided in the links are for first-time registrations at all levels. Continuing registration to higher levels are at the reduced rates shown on the Patreon site. Advanced placement to śiṣya (शिष्य) or bhakta (भक्त) level is available upon presentation of the applicant’s statement and any supporting certificates.

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Daka Karuna

I am a psychospiritual care professional working in interfaith spiritual care. After years of study and exploration I have discerned the path of interfaith, and I am concentrating on one of the most tolerant of all world spiritual traditions, Sαɳαƚαɳαԃαɾɱα, particularly the Yoga tradition, and the ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕠𝕖𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕚𝕔 𝕐𝕠𝕘𝕚𝕔 𝕋𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕒℠ system and the ᴍᴀꜱᴄᴜʟ-ɪɴ-ᴛᴏᴜᴄʜ℠ & ᴍᴀꜱᴄᴜʟ-ɪɴ-ᴛɪᴍᴀᴄʏ℠ programs , I teach sacred eroticism for men, and transcendence of toxic cultural conditioning through self-awareness, awakening, ritual and practice, and healthy relationship. I am a psychospiritual mentor/preceptor, spiritual guide, retreat master, keynote speaker, and writier but above all, I am a sensitive man, who knows the beauty of surrender and healthy vulnerability. Thank you for joining me and making this journey with me.

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